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Growing organizations are continuously faced with employee and human resource challenges, such as: recruiting new employees, retaining current employees, developing effective policies and procedures, and engaging employees in workplace culture so they are instrumental in organizational growth and success. Fortunately, KerberRose now offers Human Resources Consulting. 

We believe employees are critical to implementing strategy, executing operations and working with clients. This is why our team is committed to helping your organization in virtually any area related to human capital, human resources and/or talent management to develop your employees and leaders. We tailor solutions in a cost-effective manner to handle your human resources and leadership development needs. 

Human Resources Consulting
Professional services designed for your success! 

Our team of professionals is available to help your organization develop a solid and practical HR strategy. Our experts perform an assessment to help establish how to meet your organization’s needs by helping you develop the people, processes, and human capital capabilities necessary for your organization to succeed and grow. With more than 50 years of
collective, specialized HR expertise on the team, organizations can leverage a comprehensive talent pool without having to invest $70,000 - $150,000 annually to hire internal HR support.

HR Consulting Services Packages include:

HR Consulting Services packages

General HR and Leadership Development Services: 

  • Administrating an ethics, fraud and safety hotline
  • Assessing individuals, teams and creating action plans for leadership development
  • Coaching leaders or future leaders, either one-on-one or with entire teams
  • Creating human resources policies or revising current policies based on new regulations
  • Determining employee strengths and gifts to optimize their talents
  • Evaluating current employees to determine if they are in the right roles
  • Leading and managing change
  • Recruiting and sourcing for all positions, including C-suite executives
  • Serving as your Human Resources Department
  • Third-party investigation of workplace misconduct 
  • Training Human Resources best practices: interviewing, performance reviews, terminations, conflict management
  • Red Flag Reporting: Red Flag Reporting is an independent company that is dedicated to protecting organizations, their employees, assets and reputations. Red Flag Reporting allows people to report any concerns regarding improper activity within the workplace. Concerns could range from money and finances such as theft or misstated financial statements, to workplace concerns such as harassment, discrimination, safety issues, substance abuse and compliance issues. Learn more at

KerberRose is proudly involved in the following organizations:

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

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