Manufacturing has a strong stance as the backbone of the economy. The manufacturing and distribution industry faces rising costs, global competitiveness, increasing regulations, staffing shortages and the technological transformation of industrial sales and automation. Manufacturing leaders must prioritize innovation to stay competitive, and now more than ever, industry leaders need to guide their organization strategically.

KerberRose has been advising leading manufacturers for more than 40 years, with a focus of providing proactive solutions to help our clients achieve sustained success. We are committed to helping manufacturers thrive in the ever-changing landscape of manufacturing and distributing, and can help your manufacturing organization turn challenges into opportunities. Our deeply experienced team provides industry-specific accounting, assurance, tax and advisory services tailored to manufacturers’ needs.

More Than Just Accounting: Manufacturing Advisory Services 
We work with our clients to help them achieve regulatory and tax compliance; as well as providing additional services to improve all aspects of organizational and financial performance, ensuring our clients receive the insight and advice which will empower them to successfully meet market demands.

Our specialized manufacturing accountants have the knowledge to find the local, state, and federal incentives designed to benefit manufacturers and help you compete in the manufacturing marketplace on a national and global scale. Whether it’s state research and development credits, cost segregation studies or manufacturing specific tax credits; our team can help you identify and qualify for the right incentives to minimize your tax burden and capitalize on opportunity. We believe in manufacturers and are passionate about helping you find solutions and sustainable success.

Our list of manufacturing-specific service includes:


KerberRose is proudly involved in the following manufacturing organizations:

  • Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturing Alliance (CWIMMA)
  • Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance (NEWMA)

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