Non-profit organizations face many obstacles and face a unique set of challenges, setting them apart from for-profit companies. We are passionate about serving non-profit organizations. Our experience allows us to understand the unique accounting, financial, and compliance requirements of non-profits.

Our non-profit service team starts with compliance. We help you ensure your understanding and compliance with all state, federal tax, and regulatory requirements that come with a tax-exempt status. We understand the ability to continue to effectively serve your mission requires strategic planning for your organization’s future. We are dedicated to providing value-added services to help non-profit organizations thrive. Our clients are passionate about their missions and we are equally passionate about helping them succeed.

Our services for non-profit organizations include auditing, accounting, tax compliance, and planning, as well as operational consulting. We help solve the problems that tax-exempt organizations encounter and help develop strategies to improve operations, while maintaining the commitment to fulfilling each specific mission. Our training, expertise, and experience allow us to provide exceptional services to non-profit organizations.

Our dedicated team provides non-profit organizations services which includes:

Assurance & Accounting Services:

  • Employee Benefit Plan Auditing
  • Financial Statement Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • Payroll Services
  • Regulatory & Reporting Compliance
  • Single Audits


  • Application for Exempt Status
  • Employment Taxes
  • Executive and Other Compensation Related Matters
  • Federal and State Compliance Services
  • Form 990 Preparation
  • For-Profit Subsidiary Structures
  • Sales Tax Compliance
  • Private Foundation Status
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax Issues


  • Budgeting
  • Contracting Procedures
  • Documentation of Financial Policies and Procedures
  • Exempt Status Consulting
  • Fraud Investigation, Detection, and Prevention
  • Internal Controls Review and Recommendations
  • Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Reconciliation of Financial Information
  • Strategic Planning

KerberRose is proudly involved in the following Non-Profit organizations:

  • American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA
    • Credentials & Designations: Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Section Member, Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Certificate II

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