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Thousands of accounting firms are enrolled in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Program which requires a review of their accounting and auditing practices at least once every three years. We perform both system and engagement reviews for certified public accounting firms. We provide Firm-On-Firm Reviews for firms whose peer reviews are administered by their state CPA society and the AICPA National Peer Review Committee.

Peer Review Services
You will invest time and money in your firm’s next peer review. Choosing the right review team will provide you with the expertise you need to get the full benefit from the peer review.  Our peer review team evaluates the quality control system of a firm. We go beyond the compliance aspect of the peer review to provide value. Our team performs peer reviews in the shortest amount of time possible to minimize interruptions to your office routines. We take a very practical approach during the entire peer review process.

We perform both system peer reviews and engagement reviews that are accepted by various state society peer review committees, as well as the AICPA’s national peer review committee. The KerberRose peer review team captains have more than 50 years of combined experience in accounting and auditing, and have performed peer reviews in more than 15 states. Our expertise includes performing peer reviews for more than 22 years. Peer review clients range in size from sole practitioners to multi-state, multi-office firms with more than 25 partners.

Peer review experience and capabilities:

  • Ability to help fulfill your requirements of membership in the AICPA’s Governmental Audit Quality Center and the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
  • Team has participated in more than 270 peer or consulting reviews for firms throughout the country
  • Completion of peer review in the field, including issuing the peer review report
  • Familiarity with programs offered by Audit Watch and PPC practice aids
  • Experience with paperless software systems

Internal Monitoring and Inspections
Firms are required to perform annual internal monitoring of their quality control systems.  Many firms find it beneficial to outsource aspects of their internal monitoring and inspection process, such as the engagement review component. This provides an objective fresh look at the firm’s quality control policies and procedures; and allows the firm the opportunity to benefit from best practice suggestions, as well as prepare for its required peer review.

Our team is ready and available to assist your Firm in complying with your quality control policies.

Pre-issuance and Engagement Quality Control Reviews
Many firms have the requirement for pre-issuance reviews of financial statements. Additionally, the Quality Control Standards require firms to establish criteria, policies, and procedures for the performance of engagement quality control reviews (EQCR).

Many small firms may realize they need to go outside their firm to meet their EQCR requirements because they may not have the resources to conduct these reviews.

Firms may also find it beneficial to have an outside pre-issuance review performed of other engagements, such as those in high-risk or specialized industries. Pre-issuance review allows you to obtain an independent, objective review of the report and financial statements. 

We are experienced in performing both pre-issuance reviews and EQCRs and can assist you in a timely manner to perform these reviews.

Our team is proudly members of the following professional peer review organizations:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Wisconsin Institute of CPAs (WICPA

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