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All organizations experience opportunities and challenges. Some are from organic growth and the need for an organization to adapt to this growth. Others struggle to differentiate in a market, segment or with clients. Others grapple with succession planning – whether to another family member or another leader. In any instance, a strategic plan will align the organization to face these opportunities and challenges.

We have an experienced team of strategy and business advisors to partner with you on more fully integrating strategy with employees, processes, operations, financials, and clients. All organizations need to continually improve because doing the status quo is not enough and will place you behind your competition. We will help increase your top- and bottom-line to strengthen your organization and make it even more successful.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Vision, Mission and Values: Create or modify your vision and mission, and align these with your core values to improve employee engagement.
  • Current State Analysis: This can be done through qualitative or quantitative venues such as surveys, interviews and other assessments.
  • Strategic Plan: Facilitate sessions to create a multi-year strategy with clear goals and objectives in SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based).
  • Action Plans: The SMART format allows for Champions to be identified for each objective to assist with execution, implementation and accountability.
  • Accountability: Our process includes quarterly ongoing meetings during the initial year of your strategic plan implementation to help with questions and ensure the plan is being achieved.

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